E'TAE Nutrient Herbal Scalp Replenisher

Brand: E'TAE Natural Products
Product Code: Nutrient Herbal Scalp Replenisher
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Infused with rosemary, basil, and sage, Nutrient will restore the hair's ph balance and remove buildup while leaving the hair vibrant and silky.  Its anti-bacterial properties will control dandruff and itchiness within the scalp, leaving a refreshed feeling and cleaner pores for healthier growing hair. 

How To Use:  After shampooing, condition your hair.  Detangle your hair while the conditioner is in.  Open the roots of your hair and spray the Nutrient along the scalp.  Sit for 3 min then rinse out.


• Minimizes cradle cap

• Calms Psoriasis

• Calms Seborrhea Dermatitis

• Minimizes dandruff

• Minimizes itchiness

• Minimizes flakiness

• Removes product build up

• Increases natural shine

• Restore scalps PH balance

• Cools and soothes scalp

*NOTE*  Products contains apple cider vinegar.  Do not spray near the eyes or on an abrasive scalp

Size:  6 oz