TreLuxe ReFlex

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ReFlex™ Curl Styling system was created to bring flexible hold to your curly and wavy styles without sacrificing the “bounce” of your curls. The silky, lightweight liquid styler provides just enough slip to glide through every twist and turn of your tresses, while adding definition and increasing curl elasticity for those bounce back curls you’ve been waiting to unleash. Botanical extracts help provide shine and smooth texture to showcase your curls, while a coconut water and aloe juice infusion delivers moisture to thirsty curls, keeping them rejuvenated throughout the day.

How To Use: 

After cleansing and conditioning

  1. separate soaking wet hair into 5 parts (4 quadrants of the head and the crown of the head),
  2. while hair is still soaking wet, distribute product through each section of hair, starting with the ends of the hair and working to the roots of the hair,
  3. style as desired,
  4. allow hair to air dry,
  5. (optional) for more volume, scrunch out hair while it is still wet.


Helps to

  1. Increase curl elasticity
  2. Improve hair flexibility
  3. Hydrate hair/reduce moisture loss
  4. Strengthen hair by stabilizing bonds within the hair’s cortex
  5. Improve the texture of hair and create a smooth, polished appearance